Be Prepared For An Unexpected Attack With Your Tactical Laser Saber

tactical laser saberAre you looking for better ways of protecting yourself and your loved ones? By now, you may be tired of facing insecurities and being robbed by people whose intention is to get rich off other people’s fear. If burglars broke into your house today, or you got threatened by thieves along the streets, how prepared would you be?

Many people have stayed up at night trying to find answers to these questions. You may have considered buying a gun or hiring the best security personnel to protect you and your loved ones. But the truth is that spending a lot of money on security personnel and equipment might not be the solution you are looking for. In fact, in some cases, carrying a gun could land you into trouble with the law. This is precisely where the laser saber by Shadowhawk comes into the picture.

What is a tactical laser?

A tactical laser is a new technology which flashes light in the direction of your attacker and causes them to be disoriented. The laser is made up of a bunch of white light which is very bright. Actually, the laser is brighter than a camera flash. It is actually a hundred times brighter and the good thing is that it does not turn off. When pointed at your assailant, the brightness of the laser will have a blinding effect on them. With a simple push of a button, you can disorient your attacker and get away in no time.

Why you Should Carry Your Shadowhawk Laser Saber

The sad truth is that people normally conduct their security and defence training during the day when the actual danger usually presents itself at night. How would you act if attacked in the dead of the night? With a tactical laser, you are allowed to identify the threat and acquire a sight picture on the laser. Subsequently, you can stop the threat easily without even changing your focus from your attacker.

Tactical laser is also a good alternative to guns. When you are in an awkward situation, you may not be able to point the gun directly to your assailant without shifting angles. Using tactical laser, you can easily fire the laser accurately in the direction of the attacker without having to look for a more comfortable or desirable position.

Be Prepared For Any Unexpected Attack

Another benefit of carrying around your Shadowhawk laser saber is that you are prepared for anything and anywhere. The laser can also be used as a compliance tool. When, say, an attacker approaches you and they see the red or green dot directed on their chest, they may be scared and go away. This is a good way of stopping a threat.

There are various varieties of tactical laser products in the market. As the market for these products gets bigger, the production is also expanding. This means that you can easily take charge of your security and defend yourself easily. If you are looking for better ways to protect your loved ones, buy your Shadowhawk laser saber today.

These are The Digital Altitude Special Features

Are you a digital entrepreneur looking for the most reliable channel of selling your company? Are you ready to learn all the tricks of online marketing from the best? Are you looking for an honest digital altitude review? Worry no more! Here, you will find all the features of digital altitude program.

What exactly is digital altitude?

digital altitud productsIt is a new online e-learning course platform developed by Michael Force. The main goal of this course is to guide digital entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to a higher level. It is also ideal for people who are new or staring an online business.

Digital altitude comes will all the shortcuts and tricks of running and making an online business successful. By enrolling in this course, you will be subjected to tier names such as Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak and Apex.

In addition, this program is more than just an education incubator. It’s a multilevel marketing company which allows members to make money by referring friends to the training program. If you are at the highest tier i.e. Apex, you can earn up to $12000 per sale.

Michael Force, who is he? Is he that good?

Michael Force is an ex-marine who is also an expert in affiliate program marketing. He has earned an excellent amount of money over the year from such programs. From his testimonials and website, there’s no doubt that Michael is not only good but great at what he does. He put all his knowledge and experience into the training program.

Special Features of Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude program has earned a good reputation from many digital entrepreneurs due to the following features:
· Offers one coach for life. This implies that you will work with only one coach until you succeed.
· Gives you tips on how to use branding and social media programs in creating a personal brand.
· It accommodates any entrepreneur regardless of the stage they are in.
· Offers funnel creation tools which eliminates the need of experimenting on yourself.
· Its traffic generation programs help business owners to pick up and start running quickly.
· Has content and blogging programs which provide useful value to potential customers.

Digital Altitude Core Products

Aspire – A digital business sales system which comes with training videos, 7 figure sales funnels, private coach for life, back end products, networking, support and live chat feature for your business. You will be required to pay $37/$67 per month.
Base – A digital mastery course which guides you on how to set up business goals, brands, websites and financials. A one-time $397 is required.

Rise – A $1497 digital marketing mastery course which is an advanced version of Base.
Ascend – A 3-day Digital Business profit Workshop event held in Las Vegas. It’s focused on traffic and conversion techniques. A one-time fee of $6997 is required.

Peak – $11997 Business prosper retreat. It’s a 5-day all-inclusive retreat for two where you learn from business leaders and great speakers.

Apex – Digital Business Legacy Experience for $19997. The highest level of Digital Altitude where you get to enjoy a 7-day all-inclusive retreat for two.

Pros and Cons
Thumbs up
· 48 income generating products.
· 24 monthly income generating programs for members.
· Coach for life feature.
· Top notch training.
Thumbs down
· You must be positioned at the level of your product otherwise the commission will go to your sponsor.
· Commissions are good but not as good as that of similar programs.
Bottom Line
Digital Altitude is worth your time and money. It comes will educational benefits which will assist anyone willing to start an online business or up-scale an existing business.